what dose it mean when a person sais they are in a cival union with someone?

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    If applied to a homosexual couple, it means the state they live in recognizes them as a couple legally joined together in the same way heterosexual married couples are. They are afforded all the same marriage rights at the state level that heterosexual couples are given but they are not given the rights that the federal government provides to married couples.

    They can only file jointly for state taxes, not federal.

    State marriage provides protections that contracts do not.

    Homosexuals are looking for the feeling of being married, not being business partners. In the past they've had go the route of "contracts" even though they came without the recognition of being committed life partners in all things pertaining to a relationship of the heart. Again, this was minus a lot of the rights afforded to married people.
    A civil union is a legally recognized union similar to marriage.
    Civil Union.I think it means a defacto relationship or common law marriage."Shacked up" in other words.
    Don't bother! I just caught up with Colleens post.Thankyou.

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