JESUS LOVES's just a saying or a or fairy tell like entities?truth...because....My dieing spouse prayed a lot to the God...I been to many churches where the Fathers \Pastors prayed for my wife..But nothing worked out neither the Islamic nor christian wife died..than the muslims & christians entoned the same way "thy will be done"why HE let my wife die in the avrage middle age?

    IS there any God, angels,heaven,hell,virtue,sins or is it just a mythical\made believe

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    Micheal, I have to tell you that I know almost exactly where you are coming from. My Dad/Stepfather, died when I was twelve. I took me until my mid twenties to get over the anger I had towards God for taking the only father I ever had.

    Time will lessen the pain, eventually you will come to understand that we have no choice in the matter of how long we or our loved ones will live. I know there's no comfort in this, or little but time heals all wounds.

    The thing that finally helped me understand God's view point on the matter is; "He is God and His ways are higher than our ways, higher than the heaven's are above the earth." We can never truly understand an All Mighty God, our minds can't encompass the vastness of God's power. If we could completely understand God would He really be God???

    I'm truly sorry for your loss and I know no one will ever replace her, just like no one has ever replaced my Dad, but eventually it will be easier to deal with your loss. God is real He proved it to me personally, that's the only way you will ever know He is real, when you seek Him, He will eventually prove Himself to you. I hope this helps...

    Leeroy, very touching. I love it. I couldn't say it any better.

    Leeroy. I think you have gods gentle touch. Very well said.

    Thank you both, I hope it helps Mike.

    I agree,well said leeroy,you speak the way and the truth.Bravo and TU!!

    wow !!you certainally are a messanger from the almighty

    It's not me at all it's just the God in me, I can't take the credit. He made me the way I am and He has put me through the difficult experiences in my life so I can help others dealing with the similar problem, all the glory goes to Jesus. Thanks a lot guys.
    I honestly believe we are all here for a reason... When you have fulfilled that purpose you are called home... We have very large families... we loss infant to elderly.. And we can see how they have all impacted so many lives. They have served thier life well. Once again I see God as the place we nun to. He is our creator our father not our servent. We are meant to serve him. No ones death is a surprise to him. He is not a magic giene,he feels our sorrow and wants to be there to comfort us.
    Prayer does work,Jesus is no puppeteer,prayers aren't always answered in the way we perceive them to be answered,there are always going to be questions that we may not always have the answers to,this life comes with many tests,we all have a death date,live your life the way Jesus would want you to,it's then when your time comes you will rejoice with your wife in heaven,never lose your faith,it's only when you lose your faith that things in life fall apart or they will never make any sense,deeming everything pointless. Good luck,remember always keep the faith,it may seem like the end but yet it's only the beginning.
    Seems kind of harsh to say God tests your faith to him by taking your loved ones away.

    Yes that is harsh... I don't think God is a theif in the night stealing our loved ones.. I think he is the open arms we find ourselves in when we are in need and after death.
    When JESUS Appear to the Apostles,were there having a debated ?Tomas one of His follower refuse to believe,until Jesus call Thomas, and said to him, put your finger in my wound and believe.
    Now you believe,because you have seen with your own eye.But greater is he that believe without seen."What is faith if you already seen the evidence.that faith without work is dead.You need to put all your trust in God without any question,It is we that are under test,not God, He knows all the answer..Don't under estimate His power.He will answer all of your question in His time
    Time heals all wounds with or without a mystical god. THIS TOO SHALL PASS.
    I do understand where you are, Micheal. Sorry to hear about your wife. Sounds really hard to do. One thing I know about the Lord is, it is not His fault. God gets blamed for everything that goes wrong. yet, most people tend to look at "fate" or "coincidence" when things go well. We were told in the beginning, not to get involved with that "tree". Yet, we passed death onto our own selves. Adam and Eve got to see firsthand, what death looked like by the hands of that child. They never saw death before, but, they knew before they left Eden that they would die because of what they had done. Death is passed on to us because we live. we are not meant to live in a body that will eventually die, and certainly not forever. Thus, they were not allowed to touch the tree of life.

    Prayer is still the greatest form of instant messenging that I know of; and yes, it still works! I must tell you, though; like any good father, the answer may not always be to our liking. It may be, no.

    Your sister,
    Absolutely. God puts us through tests to see how faithful we will stay. But He never gives us anything we can't handle and He always provides a way for His will to be done. He didn't take her back because of something you did.
    Remember, He only takes the best. (:
    She's in a better place, too.
    Stay strong. You can do it.
    Pray. (:

    You tell him to pray when he found prayer didn't work. Don't be a parrot please.

    I'm not trying to be, but I believe that when you feel like it's not working, that's when you need to push yourself harder to pray. Not just give up.

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