At what age do people stop growing?

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    I added to my answer to be more specific for you. Good question my answer is correct and if it answers your question how about a thumbs up? Here is a thumbs up for your question. This is a good question I studied it in Anatomy and Physiology.

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    Growing up? In or out? guess it depends........

    I still haven't grown up! Some people never do.

    Males usually stop growing height wise by age 21 and most females reach maximum height around 18.

    Let me add to my answer above. Bones grow at the distal ends, far ends, of a bone. The area is called the epiphyseal plate (or epiphyseal plate or growth plate). It is a hyaline cartilage plate in the metathesis at each end of a long bone. The plate is found in children and adolescents while they are still growing. When this region turns to bone, hardens and closes, the bones and us stop growing In adults, who have stopped growing, the plate is replaced by an epiphyseal line of harden bone.

    Males usually stop growing height wise by age 21 and most females reach maximum height around 18.

    Tall people grow for longer period.
    Some don't stop growing until around 23.

    All I know is I'm still growing out. Apparently ones nose and ears never stop growing.

    I noticed I stopped growing at 20. I am 6-7.

    psyco mum

    6'7" nice. lucky you stopped growing at 20 :)

    Some people never GROW; Up, that is!


    Like sandritta, but correct in as much as we produce new cells all the time we are alive so we NEVER stop growing. The human bones "set" at around age 25 years.


    I think you are so right I work around some of them ....

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