how come nobody ever wants to admits when thier wrong?

    i dont mean any one in particular. so dont anyone here be offended personally. i mean life in general

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    Some fascinating answers daren1. Are you going to admit you can't spell their? Only kidding. It's a good question.

    "there" you go i'm wrong or should it be "their"

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    I was wrong once, that's when I thought I was wrong and I wasn'

    My wife and I have this saying: Your always right and I'm never wrong, that way limits arguments.
    I don't need to admit that I am wrong, my wife does that for me.. I'm a guy, guys are wrong all the time, its a given... :)

    You're RIGHT Vinny

    I am??? I think you'll need to verify this with my wife.. :)

    I miss you Vinny.. You are a nut.
    I am often wrong... And admit it... I get to learn something and be humble... Yay me!
    I think it is more a matter of ego to some. I myself will admit I am wrong and quite often, though I do not do wrong intentionally it still happens.....
    By nature I'm a perfectionist and have many fears. One of my fears is of failure and so if I'm wrong I have's hard to admit! I'm working on it, though. Trying to accept that being wrong isn't a failure and I won't get in trouble.
    How come nobody ever wants............

    Ego mostly.

    I for one will and do admit when I'm wrong when it's proven that I am indeed wrong. I do not, however, admit to being wrong based on someone elses opinion just because I disagree with them ; )
    true myself included hate to admit when im wrong, but i could be wrong
    I thought I was wrong once but I was mistaken.
    I am always right, except when I'm wrong. I do admit it, but of course I know I'm mistaken. If I don't realise that instantly my husband points it out since he knows it's his fault :-)
    Saw this quote earlier today:

    I could say you're right but then we'd both be wrong.

    Made me smile.
    better to keep my mouth shut and look like a fool ,then open it and remove all doubt
    ya but what if your self employed

    Then you get to argue with yourself as to who is right and who is wrong, lol

    Congrats on the 10,000 mark!!!! Great answers and questions...
    Hey Daren1 been looking for any of your questions and answers lately always enjoy them. Hope you are around.

    if the creek don't rise, the good lords willing and there ain't no meltdown .i'll be here till that trumphet sounds!!
    Darci. Darren has just gone to the toilet. He will be back when all is done. May take some time. lol
    Are you kidding? I am always wrong. In an argument, I’m wrong. My T-shirt says I’m Wrong. Yep and I agree…whatever it is I’m wrong. My OL has convinced me beyond any doubt that she…president of the GLBT fan club is right and that the creature…anglo-male-yes-man is always known as wrong. I fetch the newspaper, the TV controller, and anything from anywhere for the President here…and she is it. I am no lap dog, the cat has that position and I get to watch. Isn’t everyman envious of my position here…she said you are and she’s right…I’m wrong.
    As any car insurance company will tell you..never admit to anything.
    I guess it shows weakness or lack of perfection.Bosses never admit they are wrong...ever take notice to that?

    Is your boss David Brent?
    The perfect word that describes it all : PRIDE
    What do they expect, your human, we are wrong often, especially in others company because they are different and see difference as wrong, try to be true to yourself and worry not too much about being wrong, there is someone worse than you out there, and often the one's pointing the finger.
    I just say 'what did you expect' ?
    because they are idiots and doofesus
    from daman

    thought I was wrong once, but I was mistaken

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