how do i get my 10 year o;d daughter to do her homework>

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    She sits there until it's done. She's not allowed to do anything else until it's done. Period.
    Take it easy, folks. Believe it or not, some parents are overwhelmed by their children and get confused about what to do.

    Just like Colleen said above, you need to be strict. In my opinion, children need to learn about discipline from the early ages. My kids have to do what they are supposed to do before doing what they want to do, no questions.
    Turn off the television. Homework is number one.
    The purpose of homework is to demonstrate that you have learned to learn by doing a task. Homework gives a person the opportunity to learn how to teach yourself. If you don’t know how to learn by doing then you grow up being dependent upon others to do such simple tasks that a 10 year old child can do and little else. So do your homework and become wise.
    Dont give her another option. Isi t that you dont know when she has it or she wont do it when she is told??? I dont understand.
    Hate to say this, but ..... who is the child and who is the adult? When you find this out then you will be able to make your daughter do what is told.
    Mommy will stop feeding you forever if you don't do your homework. Colleen is right on.
    If you don't know this, PLEASE don't have any more children.

    Not sure that is wise reply, There is more to bringing up children, than getting them do their home work.

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