Is weight lifting healthy?

    If done properly and without strains is it considered a healthy sport?

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    Weight lifting is very beneficial to all people over the age of 15. Before 15 it can close the growth plates at the end of your long bones. This can stunt a young persons growth. Always getting medical clearance is recomended before starting any exercise program. Proper form is key. Not how much weight you can lift. With consistant training and proper lifting techniques along with good nutrition and rest, weight training is a very healthy sport.

    Weight lifting is over-useage of energy, it isn't necessary. Doing exercises is extremely healthy, but weight lifting is unnecessary, you can do sit-ups and push-ups or yoga for free. Get your blood goin! dancing is probably healthier than any of the above. :P

    Weight training is good as it makes the muscles stronger and gives you body a good shape. As with everything done to extreme it can ditort and injure. You are best to mix weight training with jogging or some form of aerobics as you need to do something which improves stamina and cardiovascular activity

    Yes, I am an avid weight lifter. i went from being 144 LBS. in High School to 210 LBS. ten years later. It's all muscle weight. The stress that you put on your body is good for the muscle. It makes lifting things that would have normally hurt me in High School very easy now. As long as you don't go crazy with the amount of weights lifted, you will end up feeling better and stronger than if you only did sit-ups and push-ups.

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