Is everyone asleep out there?

    Or are the questions so dumb that no one is here?

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    No, I'm not. It's still the afternoon. How come you look better carrying your head? Why don't you put it on a stick?
    Headless Man

    Don't tempt me I might try

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    sorry i was busy watching the paint dry
    The questions are so dumb that I tend not to waste my time anymore. It's kind of pathetic already.

    Hi Ash! I was wondering if you were still around. Have missed seeing your posts :)

    I'm trying... just waiting for the ones that make me think. Glad to see you're still around :)
    Dang, I still haven't had my first cup of coffee yet. Off to watch the coffee brew. Better than watching paint dry like Daren, LOL
    Powers back I'm all set with a full charge. Apparently someone stole some ground wire and they had to shut down to repair.

    Don't sound right to me if they stole it with things hot, they should be able to repair with power on.

    You know that happened to a vacant house near the farm where I lived at in TX. The cops said it was probably drug addicts that stole the wiring to buy so crack or meth. You have got to be pretty desperate...

    Battery down to 50%. See you all
    Had to make and eat dinner, it only took an hour to make spaghetti and meat sauce. It was really good.
    Headless Man

    I haven't eaten yet now I want
    Nope I'm up! Just pop in and out depending upon what I'm doing. Hope you are well RP (:
    ole hipster

    Recharge your battery or is your power really out?
    Headless Man

    Yea, read my post here, power off enough to run my batt.
    I haven't had my coffee yet. *Yawn*.
    Post dinner lethargy. I was dreaming this afternoon…nap after lunch…and I was dreaming about aka. I thought about how other blogs are set up around various subjects as well. Most are interesting how they set-up but when you get in on a blog that’s new the direction is not set in stone, its more fluid and dynamic. There are lulls and commentary floods so lets see if we can make the site get into something that will draw a crowd. What do you say? I’ll post now….see you there.

    Ready and waiting :)
    Adreamer2, I don't think there dead just snoozing at the computer or bored at the lame questions.
    Battery down to 60%.
    Just us dumbos, and I won't be long because the elect is out and my batt is going dead.
    Hey, when we had those pizza questions going for a few days, I'm sure pizza places got pounded that weekend, lol. Now it's going to be semi homemade spaghetti...
    I made semi homemade, a can of hunt's sauce, I jar of Brothers, some Italian seasoning, little olive oil and garlic in the pound and a half of ground beef and ((bam.)) It's fast and really good. The power of suggestion, lol
    Headless Man

    I'm not asleep, but I think your head is.
    Headless Man

    No, if I fall asleep I drop my head and it wakes me

    That's a good one!
    Depends on which term you refer to as 'sleep'.

    Some people can be sleep, but can be fully awake. That's when you know the lights are on, but nobody's home. We call it: automatic pilot. Then, you have people that are asleep and you wait for them to get up to get anything done. Then, you have those who are "asleep" and you just gotta say goodbye to yesterday because they aint just sleeping, they're really dead. Rather, a terminology used interchangeably in Scripture, so I thought I'd draw it out to see which one you're using.

    Your sister,

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