Why is Israel constantly condemned by western countries?

    If Israel is the only country in the middle east (or maybe the world) that actually fights religious fundamental terror and is suffering form Muslims commuting suicide bombs against its civilians why is it being constantly condemned by European countries?

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    Did you know that that the USA is Israels only allies.And that they shoot rockets into Israel daily killing innocent people.Most countries in the world hates Jews christians and Americans.They have already attacked Americans on our own soil.And they will do it again and again.And if we let them take our weapons we will be sitting ducks.But of course we can fall back on our criminals to protect us with their illegal weapons.

    pas ce que Israel et devenue le plus grandetat terroriste au monde !! EEt le plus rasite aussi !
    le politique d'israel est bient?t pas tr?s loin de ce propre bourus des annee 1933 1945-


    Tu pense pas que t'exageres un peu ?

    It is because they get so much help from the USA to fight with when the Palestinians have only bricks and stones - and wrap suicide bombs around themselves so humiliated. The Palestinian women waiting at the jump to get to the hospital to give birth. Many orthodox Jewish people  are against the Israelis in Stamford Hill, London, UK and when they hit town - don't we know it. Have they forgotten the Holocaust? these Israelis with their insane leaders like Begon can't spell it, in the seventies.



    I believe that Begin (not Begon) was the one to sign the peace treaty with Egypt and gave away 2/3 of the land for that.

    Because Israel is the last colonial power in the world, it stole Palestinian lands and occupies the rest of their land, demolishes and confiscates Palestinian lands, builds walls 26 feet high on occupied land and last runs U.S. foreign policy. and we wonder why we are hated. What benefit did the U.S>. from their blind support to Israel.

    Headless Man

    I don't understand what makes the land occupied, If they occupy it then isn't it theirs.


    I think the raid of suicide bombers which blasted civilian buses and was stopped once the wall was complete is good enough a reason. Don't you?

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