What are the things you wake up for in the morning?

    What keeps you ticking and motivated?

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    I choose to believe the day is going to be beautiful, happy and filled with life and light. My days are great, I have lots of fun and friends. Belief makes perception. All I choose is happiness for me now. I accept that and amazingly one happy day follows another. Belief is a wonderful tool for making all you choose come to you each day.
    Your belief can hurt you or help you. Work with your belief for your own happiness.

    The smell of the coffee brewing really wakes me up in a nice way! I get up to put the coffee on. Than I go back to bed till it is finished. (a little extra rest) I have a small apt, kitchen is close to the bedroom. Hearing it perking and the smell is SO GOOD. At that point I can't wait to get up and have a cup!! If it wasn't for that. I'd be in bed till noon! LOL!!!


    I am in bed till noon :-\

    ....for morning mass (6:30a.m.) and then breakfast with my geezer buddies.


    Holy mackeral. You'll do just about anything to get into Heaven.
    Benthere, it is not anything that I do. is all through God's grace

    You know,Ben, I'm beginning to think that maybe...just're not THAT bad a guy after all.

    ....nor are you.

    For what it's worth, I think you're both adorable!

    The dog and cat depend on me to let them out in the morning, feed, and clean up for them.  

    And, who knows what amazing events and people will grace my day!

    I usually don't crawl out of bed until 10:00. I grab a cup of coffee and watch the Canadian Geese crap in my Lake. Than the highlight of my day, how do I avoid doing what should have been done a week ago.

    My pretty wife.

    Today, might just be better than yesterday. If you don't get up you'll never know.

    My wife and dogs......

    I get up early to catch the sunrise over the ocean, read, write in my journal, drink fresh brewed coffee and prepare quietly to start the day ahead.It is the only time in the day that everything is quiet and still.

    I get up and make breakfast for the kiddies. Have me some Senseo coffee... if I dont Jump right out of bed I am done for the day.

    It is called surviving one day at a time and do not know about you but I have to go to work to make a living and do not have time for BS.


    we all have had to make a living
    hang on,everybody hurts,when you think youve had enough of this life,and you feel like letting go,well hang on,cause everybody hurts sometime,you're not alone.

    To check that I'm still alive, let the dog out, go to the john, have a cup of coffee, unglue my eyelids, greet a new dawn and the list goes on & on & on. Just happy to be alive another day!

    i wake up to try and find what it is i have woken up for

    usually start the day with a 6klm run at 5am seems to get motivational spark firing or if weather permits a quick mountain scramble to Beerwah summit

    i dont get up,i have nothing to get out of bed for,ive lost everything i had,my health,family,children,marbles,

    brush your teeth


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