Save a friend's life

    If a good friend was depressed and might be able to kill himself, what could you tell him to save his life?

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    Convince your friend of the futility of suicide. He or she of course has the right to end his/her life, but what does it solve?

    The best thing you can do is make your friend feel loved. There is no stronger bond to life than love.

    As for the medical aspect of depression as an illness, treatment in a clinic MAY help (depending on the doctors, the therapy, the medication, and many other factors) but will not necessarily do so if it is the only measure that is being taken. Your friend also needs a perspective for his/her future. He/she needs something to lie before him/her, something to stick around for. Big changes in life may as well be necessary. Your friend needs a surrounding where he/she feels appreciated and valuable.

    Don't let your friend alone now. He/she desperately needs vital energy, and you can pass some on to him/her through your support.

    I don't know if you believe in God. If you do (and even if you don't), pray for your friend, or have someone pray for him/her. Your religion or life philosophy is irrelevant, and it is also irrelevant by what name you call God. Although this doesn't sound scientific at all, it does help. Depression is not only a chemical state in your brain, it is also an alteration of the soul's energetic state. So energetic support - like praying, giving love, etc. - does have an effect.

    Good luck.

    I remember being in that situation and my wife said 'It might be worse where you go to.' Scary but put me off

    I agree about not wanting to hurt those you love... but if you are at that point you dont feel loved. The best thing to do is not leave this person alone a seek medicial attention.

    I would tell him that by committing suicide, he was acting selfish by hurting all of his friends and family who would have to deal with losing him. Ask him how he would feel if his Mom, Dad, child or love one committed suicide?

    Went through exactly whats asked here many years ago. I don't want to sound cruel but you can't stop anyone from taking their life if their mind is made up. You can talk, stay with them but if their serious, nothing you say will stop them. Today, a family member can have a potential suicide victim held for suicide watch for 72 hours. This may provide time for a person to sober up if drugs or alcohol are playing a role. Many times the reason for suicide is that it is the ultimate pain you can bestow on someone who has caused you pain.

    When one feels that hopeless and unloved it is very hard but I would tell him that if he did that he would just be letting the people that made him feel that way win and it is not any way to solve his problems.

    Tell your friend that you don't have to die to meet God... God is all around you, the air you breath. In his next life he will have to cleanse wounds that he created in this life, and it will only get harder if he continues this cycle. Meditation. Raising vibrations. Higher state of awareness. Suicide is preventable from the inside out. Much love ~

    Papitou is absolutly right. I wish he was around when I was in that situation. Soul you are a good friend to care and even take the time to ask how you can help.


    Papitou is a she! ;)

    psyco mum

    oops sorry... your the best :)

    I would tell him that suicide will not solve problems, but create more problems. I would tell him that, while he may think that killing himself would take him away from THOSE problems, that he may be headed for a worse place.
    Tell him that you love him and value him. Tell him that he will be leaving behind many people whose lives will be worse without him.
    Tell him that there is no problem that can't be solved, and to stay with you while you and he work together to clear up his situation.
    Also, seek medical attention for him if you are feeling that he has a plan for this suicide. He might be mad that you do so, but you will be saving his life and his soul.

    Tell him that your life would just not be the same without him

    Its a difficult situation as i understand you want to do everything you can to save your friend, but at the same time you dont want to push them near the edge.

    The only thing i can suggest would be remind them of all the good things in their lives, their family and friends around him and that they love him and this would hurt them so much, would he want to see those who love him in pain?

    Get him to list all the problems in his life, and one by one work together to sort these out and if you cant get professional help. Maybe going to see a doctors (i dont know how useless they'd be but you dont know till you try, right) Maybe counselling talking to someone they dont know will help them get it all off their chest.

    I really hope your able to help your friend, good luck.

    The only real question is whether or not to commit suicide?

    How old id your friend?
    If your friend is an adult you can take them to the emergency room of any hospital where they can get immediate help.


    He is an adult, yes

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