mother in law belives everything her grandson says even tho she sees what really going on, thing is we are in a big fight n now she wants to take my husbands old house away that his father gave him before he passed away thing is it waas never sighed to him but the realy thing is that the house was falling apart n we put money and i mean monty into that old house , paied taxes for over 22 yrs and paid the trash the thing is can we take her to court for all that we spent into that old house

    anything can help me out with this

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    Why did he never get the house put in his name if his father left it to him? Was it written in a will that the house was to go to him?

    She can claim the money you've invested into it to fix it up was in exchange for rent.
    You can take anyone to court but if the house is still in her name, she may be able to ask the court to award her rent for the past 22 years. I would sure try to patch up the relationship.
    yes i would think you could since youve put money into it

    i really hope we can

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