who killed jesus christ

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    Pamela has a good verse, but I might add that no one can kill God, unless God allows them to kill Him. So really no one particular group of people are to blame because Jesus died for each one of us.
    Luke 23:33-38 (King James Version)

    The High Priests Participated In The Crucifixion.
    Our sin
    The devil.
    It's hard to say why they kill Jesus,I would say the authority of the time,didn't want to loose their high position in Government affair.Also would ruing their egotistic pride,Well all the Prophets of the past came to the sane destination .
    The answer to this question could be offensive to some people,I'm only going to say,it was our pride and disbelieve that Jesus was truly the son of GOD.So the priests,and their follower had Him crucified.However they didn't know what they were doing at the time.because it would put them in a lower class,that would certainly hurt their egoistic pride.Also the prophets of past came under to same destiny,Kill them all,they were all afraid it would challenge there position of affair,or position in government system of the period.
    that is the 64000$ question maybe satan eve or adam would be at the top of my suspect list.or in the words of the stones it was you and me

    Romans felt that Jesus Christ was growing in control over the Jews and had him killed. Of course, no one would stand up for him. Just like today.. we stand up for immorality, and sexual perversion, alongside the government who keeps on ommitting Christianity for Muslim beliefs.

    Let's try and remember the Whitehouse and the National Day of Prayer. Who decided against it and quickly ran over to the nearby Courthouse that was set aside for Muslims to pray, and took his shoes off and joined in. Obama. Who was to know???!! sheesh.

    I agree with Leeroy; no one can kill God. However, because He was in the flesh, the body was killed.

    He was betrayed by his follower, but it was the men of the cloth, of the day, that could not take that he called himself the Son of God. Such a thing was seen as blasphemy, in those days.

    He was turned over to the Romans. They had him crucified, a practice that pre-dated Christ. Yet, the Romans had stopped doing it because they thought it was unusually cruel. But, it didn't stop them from resurrecting the pole that they hung Christ on.

    Your sister,

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