What killed the vikings?

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    The Christian church arrived in the Viking lands at the end of the Viking age. The Viking raids were not in keeping with some of the tenets of the Christian church, so it is not a surprise that the arrival of the church and the decline of raiding are closely tied. In chapter 9 of Bjarnar saga H?td?lakappa, King ?lafr told Bj?rn that he wanted Bj?rn to give up raiding, saying, "Though you feel it suits you well, God's law is often violated." During the tenure of Bishop Gizurr ?sleifsson (at the end of the 11th century), the practice of bearing arms in Iceland was largely abandoned, a significant change from both the century before and the one after.

    The Viking age ended when the raids stopped. The year 1066 is frequently used as a convenient marker for the end of the Viking age. At the Battle of Stamford Bridge, the Norwegian king Haraldr har?r??i was repulsed and killed as he attempted to reclaim a portion of England. It was the last major Viking incursion into Europe.

    The raids slowed and stopped because the times changed. It was no longer profitable or desirable to raid. The Vikings weren't conquered. Because there were fewer and fewer raids, to the rest of Europe they became, not Vikings, but Danes and Swedes and Norwegians and Icelanders and Greenlanders.


    brilliant have you got a Masters degree in this subject or do you like History!I thought it could have been that they became civilized! any way well done dogs4us mel
    Climate Change Killed off the Vikings

    Yeah, it got too hot to wear all those furs all the time.

    Good Point :-)

    I also thought that the common cold killed them off mel

    It was the flu season. LoL :-)
    think maybe the brittish not so sure
    In earlier days the Vikings raided England and occupied parts of it.

    The Viking's ancestors live in Normandy. The Vikings moved down next to France. They made an agreement with the French so that they could live next door. It is the Normans who took over Britain later on. I don't remember how long they held Britain for. But, eventually those Normans lost contact with their families in Normandy. I think there was a war or something. Anyway, the Normans had to marry English women. Before that, They used to get their wives from Normandy. In those days, French was the official language of Britain. But, of course most British did not speak French. Latin was also used in the courts and most British could not understand that either. So,because of the breakdown with Normandy, the Normans had to learn English. Then, they abandoned Latin in the courts, legal system)too.
    Swords and arrows. The bad attitude didn't help either.

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