is love as good as it sounds?

    im wondering

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    For some reason it seems like you'll never forget your first love, try to hold on to your first it may be the best and strongest you'll ever have.

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    Love is great if it's both ways, one way love will destroy you.

    I am sure you already have love in your life if you have parents...which I'm sure you do, pets, friends...there are all types of love.It is beautiful at times, can tear you up inside, can leave you angry or frustrated as well. It is not perfect all the time but well worth the effort. You get what you give in life;)

    Real Love is the most wonderful uplifting experience one can have and will never be forgotten!!!

    Its a great feeling,but it hurts when things go wrong

    It wears thin.
    "love is all you need. it makes the world go round." beatles : )
    ole hipster

    Get off my brainwave! stole my answer (only kidding of course) lol (:

    For all the happiness you feel in finding it, there can also come a good degree of hurt in loosing it, or finding that you entrusted your heart with someone with a penchant for breaking them. Then you get over it, to become a much wiser person for having been through it...sometimes more appreciative for finding it again, but also definitely more cautious with future relationships.

    its the best, even with all its ups and downs. ;-)

    Well i don't know what you've heard on the subject,an from whom. I can say "YES" It is truly one of the only gifts available to us in this life as we know. An for one to know love in this life  it's a blessing.  Now with that in mind remember this. Love and being loved is not easy, it takes time,trust,patience and devotion. Which most of us have in short supply. An as we hear how wonderful it is. We seldom hear of the road taken to reach this "nirvana". Or we don't  take into account the source. Is the source from a newly founded union, or a long lasting one. An when people are at a good point they are all "yippy skippy"  an that's what/when  you hear about it. Love is a process, an a lasting love even more so....

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