can a person with Epilepsy hold a full drivers licence?

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    I am a person with Epilepsy and I have to say I am surprised at what I am about to tell you.

    According to the DVLA a person who has Epilepsy can drive provided:

    "They are satisfactorily stable
    Have been seizure free for three or more years and/or
    have only had seizures whilst asleep for 2 years"

    This is from the DVLA Website

    probally not , it would create a huge libality issue!
    I know several people with epilepsy and they are not allowed to drive.
    Thats a touchy situation. Unless really under control, it would be like playing Russian Roulette with other drivers. Not sure I would even want to take on that responsibility. When I was in motor bike driving classes I was told about a lady that didn't admit she was epileptic.One day during training she rode her bike right into the entire class waiting to take their turn. Scary!
    I think as Anthar says, it depends on the seriousness of the epilepsy. I had an aunt 9decesed) that had it very bad, we never knew when she was going to have a seizure, she would just go 'blank' and hopefully if she was standing there would be someone close that could catch her. I could not see her driving, no way. And she never did.

    On the other hand, my grandma (her mom) had epilepsy when she was young and it went away, never had a problem with it again in her adult life..

    I have a brother in law with Epilepsy and its like Anthar states. He has been driving for years.

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