what is the best weed killer after sodiumchlorate85g for great lasting results

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    1 Tbsp. of Gin
    1 Tbsp. of Apple cider vinegar
    1 tsp. of dishsoap
    1qt. of very warm water
    Mix all ingredients in a bucket, pour in handheld sprayer. Drench weeds to the point of runoff taking care not to get any on surrunding plants or grass.
    The weed killer that I use is Preen, sold in most department stores in different sizes and for garden use, lawn use, brush use and also mixed with fertilizer (Preen and Green). It is spread around the flowers in my extensive gardens to prevent grass and weeds from popping up again and usually lasts about 3 months. Then I use it again, to last for the rest of the summer season.

    The chemical in it is called Trifluralin.

    This stuff works good for me.

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