What should your answer be on why you left your last job.

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    i need more hours and the work was not challenging enough.. also use the phrase 'job fowarding"!rather than laid off or quit..
    I want to progress in my field and the job wasn't challenging enough.
    Thank God I don't ever have to answer that question again. In response to your question, answer truthfully, if you were fired say so. If you were terminated tell them that due to dramatic cut backs, you were doing the work of three people and that "you" were not happy with your own performance. Ask your interviewer specifically what is expected of you and do they plan any cut backs. This will basically tell them your not looking to get canned again. If you left your last position on good terms, tell them opportunities for advancement simply weren't there. Insist on your own parking spot.
    I left my last job after I destroyed the AT&T monopoly in 1970 for the CIA and haven’t worked since because I talked about it and therefore had to be crazy.
    retired at last
    I got elected to the presidency
    No remove for advancement.

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