Contradiction or Not?

    In more than one scripture in the bible,it says that,"No sin is greater than another."Why then,would it make sense to later on,call homosexuality (ONLY) an abomination?Q: Do you believe these were man's words?

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    Slurpee Jo James

    Remember,the question isn't whether it is a sin but if it is indeed a greater sin?

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    And just exactly what do you think an abomination means?

    The entire bible is man's words; the bible was written by men. Look up Council of Niceae, any search engine. Supposedly, they (the books that make up the bible) were all inspired by god, and far too many people today take them as the literal word of god but they're a collection of books written by men around the time of Christ or in the centuries after his death. And, unfortunately the bible is all too often used by people who want an excuse to be prejudiced without having to answer for it. I don't think that's what Christ intended.

    It is obvious the bible is full of contradictions due to misinterpretations,inability to translate,etc.I still believe in what I know to be God's word but I can only speak for myself when I say that lust is lust in any form.I don't see how one is more abominable.Also,love is love!I think it is totally rediculous to make the homosexual sound worse than a child murderer,as it does by using the word,"ABOMINATION!"

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