why does it seem like the nights are getting way shorter?

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    Maybe you're burning the candle at both ends.
    The baby girls keeping you up at night??

    no they sleep pretty good for the most part
    You're getting older! Sorry, it happens no matter what we try to do to stop it. When we're young we can burn the candle at both ends and not sleep. As we get older we seem to do less, have less energy and want/need to sleep a whole lot more.

    But But But But..... I'm not that old :(

    Oh dh, don't take it the wrong way. Maybe you just need a little extra nap time.
    the irony is that with every morning that comes i say this to myself to wake up 'don't worry doublehelix, tonight when i come back, i'll sleep early' and this cycle has been repeating for the past years of my life, i can never have enough sleep......
    I wake up everyday of my life in the morning at 5:30 asking myself that question ..... :(

    it seems like we have no time to do anything anymore, same routine everyday because its too short f time

    that is so true :)
    i always say i want to try new things but i can never have enough time and end up not trying them ... :(

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