Does anyone remember a movie back in the late 60s called '' The Rievers'' ?

    The story, the characterization, and the cinematography was ssooo beautiful . Where can I get the movie ?

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    I don't think it's available on DVD But it may be on VHS,I s'pose youv'e tried ebay?
    A steve mcQueen Classic!A couple of kids from Mississipi pinch their daddy's car & take a trip to memphis.With the aid of Steve.
    Thanks for the answers, guy/ girls.
    To Tommyh, It didn't have anything to do with Steve McQueen and kids stealing their daddy's car. It had to do with a race horse, a little boy, and the stable hand ( a charming black guy ) who mentors him . The cinematography was beautiful
    The film was charming and captivating
    The Reivers DVD is available on Amazon.
    To Sinclair---- I thought Amazaon was only for books. Is it for movies too ?
    Most any movie is now available on DVD and soon to be Blu Ray.
    I am pretty sure you are not spelling this properly. Do you have ANY additional info?

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