can you get food poisoning from yogurt?

    how long should you keep yogurt passed its expiration date?

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    I for one wouldn't eat yogurt even when its fresh but that's me..

    Expiration date to me means just that! Although my wife and I get into this all the time, I think it really depends on the product.

    there's a difference between 'sell by' and 'expiration'. if it is expired, I throw it out.. if its 'sell by' it really depends on the product, some products are dry, they still by law have to put some date on it.. They will be ok long after the 'sell by' date..
    my husband got really sick from yogurt that was possibly past the expiration date. i toss all food past the expiration date. (you'll get different answers) itsmee
    I had to go to the hospital when I was a kid from eating to much yogurt, and it wasn't expired. I am just lactose intolerant. Back in those days they just called it an allergy.

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