Do oyu see the difference in a bio dad and the man who should you the love and respect you deserve?

    Many of you have seen me write about my dad... He is not my bio dad or even the sick sad man that raised me.. He is the first man to treat me like his little girl. Like I am precious and deserve respect. The first man to stand by my side and call me his own... Is there supposed to be less of a bond between he and I because he is not my bio father? OR does our relationship though a little over due, still marrett a father daughter standing?

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    My biological dad gave me up for adoption when I was 6 years old because he had started a new family and did'nt want to pay child support. My mothers husband at the time gave me his last name but we were never very close and they didn;t stay together long either. But let me tell you about this wonderful gift from heaven whom I call my grandfather. My grandmother had 5 kids already and one grandkid(me)when she married husband #2. This man helped to raise all my grandmothers kids and then, they had to raise 3 more grandkids besides myself because our parents chose drugs and men over their own children. My(not bio)grandfather sacrificed almost every free time he had to take us to school, work,doctors appointments,boy scouts, girl scouts, he would help us with our homework, comfort us when we were afraid and find humor in all the silly things we would do. My grandmother was very ill and bedridden for about a decade. He nursed her to the very end. Now, even with my grandmother gone for many years now he still treats all of us as his own. When I introduce my grandfather I don't tell people he isn't my biological grandfather because to me he's much more.This is one rare case where water IS thicker than blood. I will be devastated when my grandfather leaves this earth. He has shown me more love than anyone I have ever known.

    Coutry I hope it is a long time before you are faced with the loss of your g father. WE are more complete for having "water" in our lives....
    My dad died from cancer when I was 12, he was my step dad, but he is the man I considered to be my real father. He adopted me my middle brother and my sister, he is who we all call dad. We call our birth father by his given name.

    The important thing is the one who was there for you, if you have friends that can be closer than a brother, why cant you have a man that can be closer than a birth father?

    I never knew what family meant until my step dad came into our lives and have never had as close a family since he passed.

    beautiful.... I am so glad I am not alone in giving my heart to a desevering man.
    Treat him the way you feel comfortable. If he's not your dad you can't change that by trying to convince yourself he is. You only had one and everything after that is something else. If you want to call him dad go ahead if that feels right to you, if it doesn't it's a lie.

    I never met my dad.. He is the closet thing I have ever known.. AndI am so very proud to have him in my life.
    Roger Willcoe

    Cool, ask him if he minds if you call him papa, dad, father or chief.?

    He is my dad... We call him Papa because that is what the kidscall him.

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