is d anabol 25 going to make me stronger?

    i am 17. i have been on anabolics before i weigh 175 and bench 280. i work out everyday sometimes on weekends for about 2hrs a day

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    It can for sure make you stupid. Look, it's already working.

    D-Anabol 25 is a potent steroid drug that is illegal to purchase or possess in the United States without a doctor's prescription. Despite this fact, D-Anabol 25 is still used by many athletes--including bodybuilders--as a quick way to bulk up with muscle mass. There are a host of side effects D-Anabol 25 can produce, many of which are dangerous to physical and mental health.

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    P.s. Real d-bol only came from Germany, I'm sure that hasn't changed. You have to be very careful not to buy the phony stuff out in the market. The only way you should even consider taking steroids is by a doctor's prescription.

    They are easy to get from the right doctor and you won't be wasting your money on phony juice, the only thing is the doctor will tell you the same thing I did. Wait until your older you'll never regret it, good luck.
    The problem with taking steroids before you are 21 is that you aren't finished growing yet. If you take them now your muscles will out grow your tendons and ligaments, this will cause you huge problems in your near future.

    Once your tendons and ligaments can't support your muscle growth, they will be unbalanced and you will injury prone, it's just not good. I can tell you that it may also stunt your growth, ask any doctor you will wind up cheating yourself, believe me I made that mistake, and have had to live with the side effects my whole life. It was never worth it.

    I probably would have been at least an inch taller, and had to quit college football because of tendon, and ligament damage (most likely a side effect from steroids.)) DON'T DO IT KID, WAIT UNTIL YOUR OLDER, AND MAKE AN INFORMED DECISION. Hope you take my advice it comes from experience!! Not to mention all of my friends had problems as well.

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