how do i install a key locked to a sliding glass patio door

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    Sliders usually don't have key locks, only deadbolt type locks. If I were you I'd do the stick trick rather than buy another lock, it's cheaper and probably just as safe if not safer. If someone wants to break in, all they have to do is break the glass anyway.
    They must make them, not on any I've noticed. Drop a 1x1 stick the right length (about an inch of clearance should work) in the slide rail if your worried about someone shaking it open.

    Placing a stick in the track is a commen misconception on safety. Many doors and or sliding windows can be lifted out of the track if partialy open.
    In addition shutting and opening the door with force CAN pop the stick out.Another problem is it is possible to use a longish( Is that a word, longish) implement to lift the stick out from the outside.

    I know, I know you have been using a stick for years and never had a break in. Well I have been driving a car for over sixty years and never died in a car crash.
    I also have had over 30 years in the security door business and I have seen first hand the above situations. See my comments re Patio Bolts.
    Roger Willcoe

    Dogs and guns then?
    I am not aware of where you come from 6dogs but ALL external glass sliding doors in Australia Do have key locks. On the info supplied in question the door is to the patio ergo external.I don`t know if you read my comments earlier in the question but they are applicable to the situation as I see it.
    Regards the smashing of glass you are correct, however two things bad guys hate are noise and light.
    I mean no offence at your suggestion but I have spoken with police and security people over the 30 years I was in the industry and answered the question on personal experience and from informed sources. Cheers and keep looking after those dogs. Best thing since sliced bread, or before it.
    Not quite clear on what you want.
    If you wish to replace the existing lock you would need to remove by undoing the two fixing screws. You main worry might be , is that particular lock OR one that will fit the holes still available, if it is just replace complete lock.

    If however you wish to fit a additional lock you can buy a sliding door Patio Bolt. This consists of a square metal box about 5" (125mm) long 3/4"" (20mm) square with a hardened steel bolt that is key lockable and is normaly fitted to the rear stile (upright section of door frame) at the bottom and top.
    A hole to suit the bolt is drilled into the bottom/top door track positioned when the sliding door is shut, the bolt then drops into the hole and is locked in place with the key. If you wish you can drill another hole that allows the door to open 6'' (150mm) so the door can be locked in partialy open position but no one can gain entry from out side. Be sure to remove key after locking.

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