Is it possible to get out of a mortgage to live off the grid?

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    What does a mortgage have to do with the grid? If you want to pay off your mortgage quicker, then put every penny you can into doing so. We paid our mortgage off in four years. we did not go anywhere, we did not buy anything we did not need, and we cut down expenses where ever we could. That's how you do it!

    I guess I should have clarified. We live in city limits, planned on this house only being a part of our 5 year plan until we could buy some property. things changed, even though we have put TONS of equity into our house, the market sucks and it is still not worth any more than what we bought it for. We dream of living completely off the grid. had hoped of flipping this house to make it a little sooner. living off the grid is not feasible living where we live now. looking for any suggestions on this.

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