How does a Lady get a guy to be a "Gentle"man"

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    Give to receive, compliment him on things he is good at or is doing. Treat him with respect ( FOR SEVERAL WEEKS before asking ). Then he will want to please you if he cares. If not look elsewhere.


    Excellent advice my friend. Thumbs up!

    let him trust you.DO NOT LIE TO HIM!

    true change comes from within,essencetualy you cannot change anyone but yourself

    You dont.. You will never change someone. If we was not a gentle man when you met him you find one that is.


    for a time they may try there best... i beleive you have personality traites and habits... Politeness and rudeness are more personaily traits to me. Smoking and drinking are habits. Habits can be changed.


    That's not true, when you love someone you'll be willing to make changes, especially small ones like being more polite.

    You act like a lady and if the refuses to be a gentleman, then time to kick him to the curb and move on.

    You can't make someone be a gentleman...if he respects you he will regardless. I also believe that you teach people how to treat you so if you accept less(without expecting perfection) that's what you will get.In many ways, you get what you give as well.

    She tells him exactly how she wants him to behave in every situation that matters to her.


    What if he protests yelling angrily?


    Then give up. If he behaves this way then he'll probably never be a gentle man. Either accept it or dump him.

    by breaking him in two.



    Have you changedyournick from knobbbhead TopCat?


    there are a few knobbbs on here. It is fun trying to guess who is the real knobbb.... will the real knobbbhead please stand up, please stand up...LOL

    Top Cat

    No i have not david1 you are clearly the true knobhead on this and no one cares for your imput. If you are going to guess who the 'knobheads' are on this then mabey you should try looking in a mirror

    You get a man to be a gentlman by treating him like a gentleman--we can't change others, but we can change ourselves, give others what you wish to receive.

    The you kick him in the balls

    Your man is who he is now and has always been, and will always be. Small changes can be made but should not be expected. If your man is not a gentle man now, chances are he never was and never will be. If he's not for you as he is, you need to move on.

    If a man is a gentle, kind and caring man, then he is what he is. If he is non of these things, then he will never be any of these things. If you force the issue, you will never know him, only the actor trying to please you.

    thats easy let them answer what they want not

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