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    Will a person who has 10 cats and 4 dogs ever find a house to rent? Just asking.

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    Sorry, but only if you can find an unoccupied shack! 14 animals equates to potential damage to a building owner. I love my three furry friends, but even three would be a challenge.

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    That would be terribly difficult, much easier in the rural area. That's borderline animal hoarding. If you kept a clean house and have good references from your past landlords, that would make it easier. Good luck, I would suggest you find some good homes for some of your pets if you can, that would make thing much easier.

    I know that's probably the last thing many people want to do, but most animals who get one on one attention from their owners seem to be happier than the ones that have to compete for just a few minutes.

    Not in one of my properties. As a matter of fact in my community you'd find your self in court. Our by-laws allow two animals only.

    I am so sorry for the kind of crude and cruel answers you are receiving. I myself am an animal lover and find that my cats are truly all I have ever had on this earth that truly loves me unconditionally and just as I am. No one understands the bond between one and their beloved pets and for that I am sorry. Yes it is very very hard to find a place to rent if you have a lot of animals. Sad but it is true. Is there anyway at all (which is something I am going to try to check into myself when I have vacation coming up) of seeing what type housing counseling HUD offers and what my options are as it is just me and I am on a low salary and am 58 years old. But I think HUD offers some housing counseling classes and I am hoping they also can tell me what my options are or what direction to head in so perhaps this is something you can try too? Good luck and God bless you and all your fur babies.......


    Sheila Zimmer

    Thank you Darci. Where would this world be if people didn't open there hearts to rescued animals? Oh well, thanks for your thoughts. Sheila


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