Guys Hurting Girls

    Why Do Guys ALWAYS Hurt Girls In The End??

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    It's a two way street. Everyone gets hurt, hopefully you will learn some valuable lessons to apply to future relationships.

    The thing is society has many double standards, one of which if a guy sleeps with many girls he is considered to be cool or a player.

    When a girl does this she is considered a whore, or a slut.

    Here's why many of us get hurt: We get involved with he wrong people. We have sex to early in our relationship, once sex is involved that becomes the main focus in a relationship, you don't get to know the character of that person as well as you would if sex weren't involved. To many people rush into relationships, if you take your time, you will have much more information on that person to make better decisions with. Good luck, hope you make good decisions in the future.

    The fact that there is an "end" means that someone got hurt to some degree. Careful thinking the guys "ALWAYS" are the bad guys.
    If your getting hurt is try again theres the right person there for you it"s just finding them good luck tam
    its a two way street their girlie

    They don't.  We just like to put the blame on someone besides ourselves when a relationship comes to an end.  If you look closely at the relationship, you can probably (if you are honest) find a place where things you said or did contributed to the parting of the ways. 

    I think we come off as the hurt one because women are generally more open with their emotions.  We may think the guy isn't hurting at all, but the breakup, even if he "did it" could be bothering him more than you could possibly imagine. 

    That poses a good question for guys, which I will promptly post to them!

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