I need a lawyer to help my mother who purchased an addition onto an existing property to see if she has a claim to that portion of the real esate?

    and 85,000 additional dwelling has been adding on to the preexisting residence. Does she have any legal rights to that addition? Her daughter died several years ago. She has been living there for 9 years and the tenants for the other portion of what I call is a duplex. Does she have any rights. Please help.

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    Start with the deed.  It is very specific about what property belongs to her.  I find it hard to believe "tenants" can own the property, and am not sure you have all the facts. 

    If you/Mom are unclear, go to a real estate office first and see if they can give you any direction on how to proceed.  


    Don't think you need a lawyer. She has a claim to what she purchased, the deed would show that. If dwellings has been built on this land, then she must not have a deed for it or they couldn't be built.

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