Should Public schools require firearms safety classes ?

    With The alarming amount of children that accidentally shoot themselves or a friend every year. Should public schools offer some type of mandatory firearms safety class? Many kids are shooting themselves with their own parents or friends guns and the simple warning to just not touch a weapon if you come across one does not seem to be enough. If children were to be taught at least basic firearm safety and function, it would dramatically cut down on these tragic events.

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    I don't think schools should teach about firearms.That would just spark more interest among young boys.I think when you buy a gun. That the parents should teach their children about guns.I have 11 kid's and I taught my boys how to handle a gun.We have hunting classes at 12 a kid can get a hunting license.But has to stay within talking distance of an adult.I think a dad should teach his wife how to handle a firearm.So If a child gets hold of dads gun she will know how to handle the problem.And a parent who leaves their handgun laying around loaded.Should be held responsible in case of an accident.

    everyone should be trained to handle a gun safely, yes good idea..

    In the 1970s the state of MICHIGAN there was then for kids a class in gun safety it was for hunting and for the kids they did not bring guns in to the class but they talked over the basics don't point it at any one just at the ground and have the safety on and treat it like it is all ways loaded even after you have unloaded it and no horsing around with them they are not a toy you would kill somebody or yourself by being stupid

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