I just retired and had all these plans of staying busy but it seems the opposite has happened I find myself sleeping later than usual and I seem to not have any energy to get things done, I fear something isn't right or is it just a phase i am going thru

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    It's because you're sleeping too much. Too much sleep dwindles your energy. Set your alarm for one hour later than you use to get up. Remember when you had to get up wishing you could have just an hour more? Now you can take that hour but that's it. Get up, get moving and you'll find how fast your energy comes back. Give yourself at least one thing to do everyday. Make an appointment time out of it. An hour and a half after you get up, it has to be done. This gives you a reason to get up and wake up. Get outside if you can and breath fresh air. Oxygen stimulates the brain and the body. It's time to tell yourself vacation is over and you need to get back to living and doing ;)

    Thanks I needed something positive was beginning to think retirement sucks

    Naw, you just went on a mental vacation. One to two times a week I volunteer hours to my local church, even though I'm not a member of it. I'm a fill in for when they need the extra help. It doesn't require a lot of time out of my week and I get to help people which I like to do. It's just enough time to give me purpose and to not feel like a job. Try something like that. It may help you a lot. :)

    Start building Grandfather Clocks. No that was for Colleen. Colleen is spot on get up and get moving,walk on the sunny side of the street.
    The average life expectation after retirement is about 8 years and that is because people die from the inside out.
    I have been retired for over 10 years and I have a lot more Grandfather Clocks to build.
    Life is like sand paper, don`t let it wear you down.
    You will get past this. Take a deep breath in your life. Find a new challange and enjoy life again. All the best
    A lot of people, especially men, define themselves by their work. Maybe you feel a little lost. I don't know how long you've been retired but perhaps you should find a new hobby like painting or learning to play a musical instrument. Try to keep to a regular schedule and don't sleep too much. If you're depressed find a friend to talk to, someone who may have been in a similar situation.
    Get a hobby!

    Eggy I recently aquired a hobby Q&A and love it
    I stopped working about ten years ago by choice. After a few weeks of chilling out and sleeping a lot, I started to keep busy with a life long hobby. I make it a point to wake up every morning at 4:00 PM, I plan my day, and it usually goes as planned. If it doesn't, oh well. Maintaining a schedule is important. Lying around the house will cause a multitude of physical and possibly mental problems. Get your butt up and moving. Avoid lazy people, and dumb people as well, they will be the death of you if you follow in their footsteps. You need mental and physical stimuli.

    You wake every morning at 4pm? ;)

    LOL, I know you meant a.m. just messing with your typo.
    ed shank

    This was a test, only a test and you passed. Yes 4:00AM.
    You should take an online depression test, I have fought it for a the last 10 years and I know that when I'm not working it effects my mood drastically. Just want to make sure you rule it out!

    If not it just can be human nature to take it easy, if you are tired it could be a medical condition as well, get checked out by your doctor, maybe you need to start an exercise program? Hope this helps???
    Thanks was starting to think maybe something wrong here
    DOwn't worry too much about it, maybe your body is just adjusting to the new changes inside, with age increasing and such, if you feel like sleeping, go right ahead, rest your body and mind then wake up refreshed, go have an ice-cream , it wakes the mind up :)

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