Who am I after8 spine surgies & a Neuro Plant? I know who I used to be!

    Being Handy Capped after being so busy, 2 jobs. One I was a full time School Bus Driver ( A Total trip ) 2 one was I worked with my husbands family. Some how I managed to do 40 hrs. at the bus & 25 hrs. at our Bussiness. I Had a Horse I compeated with, Went boating, fishing, crabbing, watter ski, snow ski, racket ball etc............Then nothing! Just severe pain and no answers. 5 years later they finally figered it out and I had been to the best in our Country. I Laughed at the Doctor who figured it out. It took 9 spine surgeries last one'srecovery time was 1 year in a body cast. I've been dealing with the pain for 18 years; my body knows I'm Handy capped, but my brain won't catch up--- which gets me into more pain. **IS THERE ANYONE OUT THERE WHO'S GONE THROUGH SOMETHING SIMULAR AND CAN HELP ME TO SORT MYSELF OUT?**

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    Is a "Neuro Plant" a spinal nerve stimulator implant?

    Try this link, it may be helpful. Welcome to the ChronicPainConnection!


    My god, I really feel for you Shadow91. Has to be horrible living like that. All I can say is I hope you get better.

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    I've been there and I don't think you want to hear this but GOD is the answer. HE has got me through allot and still is, I live in pain every day, I have ringing in my ears, have had laser eye surgery, have over 8 feet of surgical scares on my body, had 2 toes removed. My health went from good to bad in a few years. Or as I put it I must have slept for 20 years because at 47 I became disabled am now 63 see friends 80 that can do more. But I am happy as I have ever been because Jesus in my life and heart HE takes care of me and gives me all I need, not want need. Love, Randy


    <a href="/users/1111/randy-palmer/">@Randy Palmer</a> - Sorry to hear about your situation as well. May God continually strengthen and encourage you. I thank God, He has carried you through the storm!!! TU

    Headless Man

    Don't be sorry for me, every time I'm in the hospital I see people worse off than I and some are without GOD in their life. Feel sorry for them.

    Headless Man

    Thanks, mom, There has been times dying would have been welcome but GOD had better plans for me. Love, Randy

    mom are one awesome person...great attitude and positive outlook...this has not made you a victim, but instead an inspirational survivor.I don't have any health issues and pray I never do but I hope if so, that I could think the way you do.God has blessed you.

    Wow, My back will put me on the floor for 3 to 5 days but its nothing like that, Ifeel for you and really hope they can find something to help you, best wishes and my prays.. jdb

    methadone helps my chronic pain. my doctor wants me to have a pain pump but i'm really afraid of them. (i'm afraid of my pain too) i haven't had any surgeries but i've been offered many. methadone is an opiod that isn't so addictive. as time goes on it gets better. it's not a "fun" medicine so there's not too much competition from the people who steal meds from the pharmacy.
    i am going to get a lap top tomorrow, i think. i hurt my arms something terrible last night typing endlessly on this site.
    i like it here!!
    i'll probably be seeing you on the chronic pain site.

    itsmee (chronic pain ten years)


    My dad just got a laptop last night. It's an HP with a large screen,light wieght and holds 500GB. The thing works a lot faster than the computer I am on right now! I am so jealous


    P.S. this is my father who had a spinal infusion this last year and went through a near death surgery and is doing fantastic right now!!!

    Sorry to see that you have been through so much. I'm not a doctor, nor have I been through anything similar in what you have encounter. Maybe what little I have to say may help or maybe not. Has anyone ever recommended physical therapy, or have you ever had physical therapy?

    Sweetheart..I can definitely relate to what you are going through as I also am living with constant chronic pain..I have days where I think "What the Hell is the Point" and then I take a breath of semi-fresh air! ( I live in the heart of Chicago! ) and I feel better and hope you are also able to get itself is not always grand nor does it meet our expectations of same, however...the alternative sucks!!

    Headless Man

    It only sucks if your not ready, I don't fear death only the road to get there.

    Hey Shadow,

    Sorry to hear about what happened to you. And I apologise that I cannot tell you I know what that's like. But, you know who you are. You live with you every day. You get through a day at a time. I bet you don't realize that you have the ability to inspire someone who doesn't realize they need to hear how you've managed to get through what you have and yet, you do; and you keep going. Sometimes, that's all you need to do, is to keep going.

    There is a difference between him who learns to do a thing and him who learns to do a thing and does nothing with it. As you keep going, you mention it, and someone becomes inspired and that is all you have to say. Yes, keep going! And don't you dare stop for a second to think that you can't! What a blessing!

    *On February 14, 2008, my husband had a stroke. He was in ICU for a week. When he was able to stand on his feet, he described one of his legs as being longer than the other. He slammed into walls. Took a good 4 months. Lost his ability to control his speech, and as he was on the verge of putting the finishing touches on a piece of artwork, this stroke took his ability to draw. People used to travel from parts of the country to come and buy his art. He will never draw again. He cannot hold a pen in his hand. But, he is blessed. He has his family, he is loved, and he has a remote control. Yep, the trusty old remote gets a work out like you wouldn't believe - hahaha!

    Your sister,

    please help me to understand i do not understand what is wrong with u what happened to u did u have an accident and also are u doing those jobs now or before ur handicap i woud love 2 help help me to understand also what is a neuro plant?

    Changed, your nervous system inter relates what goes on within your spine. It controles your immune system and helps you live a stronger healthier life. You must excercise and build back all the necessary muscles which corelate with your daily actions to strengthen your immune system.

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