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    What are reputation points and how does one earn them on this site?

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    It's my understanding that karma is your reputation points. If I'm wrong someone will correct me. I've only been here a month myself and haven't really paid much attention to the point system.



    I'm actually perplexed. I'm not sure if they took away some information. I'm fairly certain that at one time I read something about reputation points but now can't seem to find it. There was also some sort of color chart that gave a meaning for the bronze, silver and gold dots that appear next to your name and after your karma points. I can't find that either. I know they're working on improvements for the site so maybe they are in the process of updating the FAQs section.


    That's a good answer Colleen and you are probably right. It should be stated somewhere that "reputation" = karma, don't ya think?

    Read the FAQ's here it explains them.


    I'm sorry but the FAQ section does not address "reputation points".

    Okay, I think I've got it. If one agrees with the questioner, one receives brownie points (karma points). But if one disagrees, he/she gets negative points. How is that fair?



    Well the fair way (if you're asking mainly about the negative votes)should be responses that have nothing to do with the question or are antagonistic by nature or are simply a smart a$$ comment could potentially be given a negative vote. Answered to the best of my knowledge about this site.

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