how do i get rid of ants in my garden it is over run with them powder dont work.

    i have tryed ant powder but know they are so bad is there something i can spray over the garden but wont hurt my cat .

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    when the ants are 1inch or longer i t!hink its time to do something about it

    well, yeah i guess :)
    put your cat in a shelter then nuke 'em!
    Nipon is the only stuff that got rid of ours
    I heard about something, that is based on ant-pherohormones. It prevents them to go into your house etc.
    Ants are very good for your plants though, gardens with lots of ants really flourish. The only drawback is that they play havoc with stonepaths. If that is your problem, you might consider switching to another material for your paths ( timber pallets, sand.....
    God says to consider the ant.
    I did. Then I destroyed the little red bastards.
    Pour very soapy Water on nest or squirt liquid Soap on them.And water in
    pour boiling water on them!

    I tried this and it didn't do a thing but make the ones that survied move to make a new home just over from there boiled home.


    Mix 1/2 cup Borax with 1/2 cup sugar. The sugar is used to attract the ants and the Borax will eventually kill them. When the ants bring the sugar back to their mounds, they will also carry Borax. The Borax acts as a poison to the whole colony.

    Pour Borax mixture into jar lids and place them discretely around your garden. The lids of jars are barely noticeable in a beautiful garden. Place them in corners and throughout the garden to attract ants.

    Sprinkle a hot cereal brand of choice over the ant hill or mound. Hot cereal, before it is made, expands in the stomachs of the ants and kills them. This takes only a couple of weeks to kill an entire colony.

    Plant mint in your garden because it is a natural pesticide. Mint has a distinct, pungent odor. Humans love it, but ants hate it. Planting mint not only eliminates your current ant problem, but prevents future infestations from occurring.

    Wait and see if your attempts have worked; it may take weeks for these methods to work. Don't jump to the conclusion that natural methods don't work if you have only waited a few days. If you have waited a few weeks, however, and still have an ant problem, contact a professional.

    come on, if you don't feed the ants, then what do you do?
    if they are in the garden then just let them be, seriously, people just want to kill every little insect anywhere they find. what's in the garden belongs to the garden. it's not like they're eating the leaves anyway. what's wrong in feeding little ants with small pieces of bread every now and then, i can feel their blessings when i do that sometimes :) the same thing as feeding birds, come one, don't focus on feeding cats and dogs always! there are others who are significant as well :) I also feed spiders by the way. Love all and hate non :)
    I heard Cucumber peelings because ants will eat them but they can't digest them.

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