Can God do anything He/She/It wants?

    Can God make a thing so heavy that not even He can lift?

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    God can do all things.

    Headless Man

    He could if he wanted too, but then if he wanted too he could. Ponder that for awhile.


    So, can he make something so heavy that even he cannot lift. Please don't answer this with another bible idiom.

    "Event horizon" seems to be an unstoppable universal drain term/thought/reality. As long as we don't go there or become to science oriented I think God will always do his will. Ponder a while more?

    Humanity exists within the "All That Is", wherein God has ordained for us, Free Will; Therefore, in this format, He will do only what He can do, by way of one's agreement with God within that boundary--Outside of Humanity, God is the "All That Is", and imposes No limitations upon Himself without so choosing, for His Own Purpose Of Increasing His Intentional-Pursuits.


    Paula, at first I thought you invented a new laguage there. But then I realized that is "Christian Speak". It seems they have nothing logical to say so they invent a new sentence structure that no one else can understand. I also call it "Smoke Screen Speak".

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