On this day, June 1, 1926, American icon Marilyn Monroe was born. Marilyn Monroe appeared on the cover of the first issue of what magazine?

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    i think it was playboy,(but you know that)
    I was Playboy. Thought it was YANKS.


    Melinda's Marilyn Monroe Playboy 1953

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    I havent seen that picture for years :D

    Buy a poster? I'll give you the website. :D

    The tradition of concealing Playboy’s rabbit head logo on the magazine’s cover began in the 1960s as nothing more than “a lighthearted way to challenge readers.” By the mid-1970s, Playboy’s headquarters were inundated with so many requests from bewildered readers who searched and searched but could not find it that the editors began offering hints on where to find him on the contents page. But even before the popular draw of the rabbit head, Playboy’s mascot was so recognizable that a reader was able to address a letter to Playboy’s headquarters by simply drawing the mascot on the envelope.

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    Playboy and if you have that magazine its worth a fortune :)

    It was either Mad Magazine, or Playboy. Hmmm...which do you think?
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    They did her as that centre fold spread .. hence the fold LOL
    it was the first issue of Playboy to be exact.

    i love exact people.

    TIME ?  or LIFE ?

    I was just at Safeway & picked up a 10.99  magazine all about the beautiful Marilyn. Just so happen it said Hugh bought the picture of Marilyn and it helped launch Playboy.  It also said he purchased a grave site right next to Marilyn's. So I guess he really loves and appreciates Marilyn like the rest of us do.

    LIFE ?


    Life Magazine?

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