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    Ladies what do you like in a guy ?

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    Honesty, good personality, great sense of humor and being into making me happy, which in turn makes me want to make him happy. Depends upon the people involved. Looks not so important. Taking care of himself is vital also. The more I think about it a great sense of humor in a man who can make me laugh is pretty much #1

    No I would not get anything... My life is amazing.... No play in this girl... But there is a desire that has been hanging aroudn


    Well Jenn, sounds like you're merely human! Everybody wonders, everyone desires!

    Sence of humor but here lately physical aspect are important to me... Maybe because I have a caring loving givinf doting husband... I get everything I need. But I WANT more.


    Be careful what you wish for, you might get it! (then be disappointed.) The grass always SEEMS greener on the other side!

    Honesty, integrity, good character not being one, a true christian, kindness, compassion and knowing what love truly is and means.

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