How's your day been?????

    What's been good and bad about your day???

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    steve fr

    well we live in wales. i have a few health problems which means my wife is my main carer. she works so hard and she does so much for me. she is my nurse my advisor my and my best friend. why is today such a good day ? because she has flown to new york for a week with her friend, and will have a good rest not having to worry about me.

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    Overall it's been a good and productive day. At work a brown noser kind of got on my nerves a little, but I handled that. After work was relaxing and nice, except a research paper I had to finish. Very good question Sarah, a thumbs up for you.


    I see you had a great day, beautiful. Did you have to research your research, couldn't resist have to throw that in. lol!!!

    Hope you did well on your research paper!!!


    Hello Pamela my lovely, That was a good one, research my research, LMAO , but for real the research paper turned out REALLY well, I did it on Solar Energy ,thank you for asking, hope you are doing good.

    My day was fantastic! Caught my first fish from the surf since I moved to North Carolina. A 7inch Black Sea Bass that had no business being that close to shore during rock bottom low tide. Those fish are usually caught on off shore reefs and wrecks. Glad he got lost and found my hook. Released to fight another day. :)


    Been fishing since 7am till 2pm today and got SKUNKED. :( Yesterday was a much better day. :(

    It's been raining here in Cali for the past couple of days and this sinus headache took it toll on me today, besides that, I'm doing fine.

    Sarah, I hope your day is good. Thanks for asking the question!!!


    <a href="/users/997/spaceghost/">@Spaceghost</a> - Thanks for your concern. This is another day and I feel a lot better.


    Glad to hear you're doing better my friend.

    Just wanted to say Hello to all the aka people on the site, hope you are all doing good. Best wishes!


    <a href="/users/1635/leeroy/">@leeroy</a> - Hello to you, and hope all is well with you!!!


    Thanks leeroy, hope all is well with you my brother.


    Hey you'll, thanks for the all the good q&a stuff, you are cool people. Everything good here, talk to you later.

    Great until I bit into a wormy apple... Never happened before I am tramatised!

    Layed pine straw shampooed carpets and did laundry... all in all a productive day.

    Very very stressfull, but thank you for asking.

    My day was going good until my Doctor called.Found out i have a leaky aortic heart valve.Really made my day.


    What can I say. I hope all will be well with you and this too shall pass!!!


    Papa peg, I hoping you the best, you are surely in my prayers, you WILL be ok.


    Hey ole hipster did you get my info?


    From what I hear LAHV are common and most don't require surgery to correct. Hope your one of them. Be well. ;)

    ole hipster

    Hey papa can't get off the hook that easily...I need your birthdate!! All kidding aside really I'm always sorry to hear about health problems and especially yours but I did read a bit about it before sending this on & it really does not sound too awfully serious. I know that anything with one's heart is something to worry about as ya' just can't help it. So take it easy & listen to your doc!

    papa peg

    Thank you all for your concern.Made me feel a lot better.GOD BLESS YOU

    papa peg

    ole hipster my birthday 9/28/52

    Worked, back hurts, sleepy.

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