Cat 5e underground cable repair?

    A groundhog destroyed my cat 5e underground cable this weekend. I soldered the wires back together got back on the net, started checking to see if there was a kit out there to do it properly, now I'm finding that they say it should not be done..It seems to work as good as before, can anyone tell me why it should not be done I really don't want to replace 230' of underground cable when it seems to work fine. Thanks.

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    I wouldn't worry about it if it's working. It could be they say not to because it might void any warranties on the cable? Just a guess. Or maybe having the seal around the cable broken can allow moisture in to corrode the cables. They really should have given as reason for the "don't do it".

    Lifetime Warranty Cat5E. Guaranteed CAT5E. Now that I've checked, I'm betting this is the reason they say not to do repairs on your own. Your repair voids the lifetime warranty.
    JBD, I am shaking my head on this one. I CAN NOT believe that the repaired cable appears to be performing as well as before. I am chuckling as I write this because what you did is a definite NO NO when it comes to repairing any Category cable, be it indoors or out. Did you really solder all 4 pairs of the severed cable?

    Networking engineers, which I am not, would claim unequivocally that any modification to the cables insulation, pair twist lay, or conductor would rocket the cable's specifications out of the ball park (not good) It just goes to show that their expert opinions are not as reliable as they claim. But this IS precisely why they said "you can't do that". It would be like asking Goodyear whether your flat tire can be repaired with a solid band aid. It really SHOULDN'T work !

    What did they say when you told them that your repair method did the trick? You GOTTA let me know because I still find it unreal.

    BTW, what type of direct burial cable did you use? Was it armored or simply gel-filled (that's the sticky moisture-resistant goo they smear on the conductors)?

    If you believe that rodents,groundhogs or any other furry creatures are likely to return, then you really do need to replace the cable with an interlocked armored cable that teeth can't pierce.

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