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    My father has lung cancer and his lungs keep filling up with fluid. The doctors cannot give him chemo or radiation because the cancer is splattered throughout his lungs. The doctors also can offer nothing to prevent the fluid build up. He gets exhausted just putting his clothes on. He has NO energy. Can anyone suggest something that will help.

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    I am sorry I have no help to give you other than to ask you if I can pray for your dad and family. I know it is your choice whether to believe or not and dont want to do something you would not want. Love to you all

    I am so sorry for what you and your family are going heart breaks for you. I wish I had advice but all I can do is pray for you guys. I am so very sorry.

    Make him comfortable and be there for him. Drowning in one's fluids is a terrible way to go. I have seen it way to often in the last twenty years. Unfortunately, there is only so much doctors can do. Don't be angry at them for what they cannot do; be thankful for what you can - and then do it. As I said, make him as comfortable as you can and be there for him. You don't have to talk or anything else, but being there and taking the cues from what he needs is best. Also make sure you keep in contact with Hospice Care. They can help you, if you will let them.

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