What is the comparrison between Elmire and Tartuffe and Nora and Dr. Rank?

    Elmire and Tartuffe have a relationship in Tartuffe and Nora and Dr. Rank have a relationship in A Dolls House are there any similarities or are the completely different?

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    Tartuffe wants a relationship with Elmire even though she is married to the man who thinks he is as great as God. Dr. Rank is in love with Nora and best friends with her husband. Tartuffe is willing to have a relationship with Elmire behind her husbands back and he tries making sexual advances towards her. Dr. Rank, speaks of his love for Nora but does not come right out and ask for a relationship because of Torvald. Both women are submissive to their husbands or so it seems which is correct according to the times in which they live. What might be other similarities?

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