How to protect the loss of a rental deposit

    is there any insurance that can be purchased

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    You have to leave your rental property in better or at least the same condition as when you entered it. The best way to cya is to take pictures of any problem areas as well as the entire property.

    Some landlords just want to keep your deposit no mater what. The best thing to do to protect your self is to take before and after pictures. Make sure to read your lease thoroughly, some will not allow you to leave holes in the walls from hanging pictures.

    I will usually find paint to match or get it from the landlord, to do touch up paint as you go through your year. Have the carpet or tile professionally cleaned when it gets dirty, vacuum every day in your high traffic areas or mop the tile floor with hot water. The best product I've found on the market to take care of hard floors is a bissel steam mop.

    The key is to have it looking better, or at least as good as when you moved in. The only way you can prove it is with before and after pictures, especially if it ever goes to court. Good luck, some landlord's are just out to take your deposit. Hopefully you have a reputable one.

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