what is the best material for a 3 pce suite when you have cats

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    I just thought of something else - just in case you were talking about a "3 piece SUIT," the answer would be the same. Plastic again! No hair sticking, and their nasty little claws will just put punctures in the plastic (unless you get it thick enough!), rather than pulling any unsightly threads out of place.
    Since style, functionality, or any other clothing attribute come second to the "cats," plastic sheeting (you could cut up and sew together painting drop-cloths really cheap!) is really the way to go! Just remember to get the opaque (colored) kind or people will be able to see right through to your junk! Unless, of course, that was one of your goals. I think it only comes in one color - white - but you can always paint it!
    Let me know how it turns out, and post some pictures! Ok?
    A 3 piece suite? Does that mean you have 3 rooms in your apartment (oops, "suite...")? It sounds a little small for a "suite," but if you are trying to impress someone, or make yourself feel better, go for it.
    I would choose plastic covering for the floors and walls at least so their fur doesn't stick to anything, and they can't claw it either. The same goes for the furniture. Just construct EVERYTHING out of that hard, shiny plastic they make patio furniture out of and you should be fine.
    As for the construction materials, good old wood, brick, and the other typical thing houses are made of will work just fine. The cats won't care and they don't weigh very much, so strength isn not really an issue. If it is strong enough for you, it is strong enough for them. Just remember to cover or make everything inside with plastic, for the reasons stated above. As a bonus, it will be a lot easier to clean up when those inevitable "accidents" happen. Good luck!

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