Landfill Pollutants

    Is anybody familiar with a landfill which posed problems for an astronomical observatory

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    Land fills are generally considered to be disturbed, subject to geological shifts over time and not suitable for structures where a stable foundation is essential for its use.  Astronomic observatories are usually located far from cities and man-made lights that negatively affect the view of the night sky. Areas where pollution is a problem limits site selection also. 

    robert grist

    If you reside close enough to an observatory to affect its operation with air pollution then you have a problem or practice that demands your rethinking to get below their notice. Air pollution by open burning should be illegal globally. We breath air and if you are a contributor to air pollution then you need to deal with what you would normally burn by shredding and/or composting. Plastics are recyclable and classifiable and recyclable.

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