Dear community. I would like to say sorry.

    Dear community. I would like to say sorry if anyone was offended by a question or questions asked by my computer.(NOT ME) SOME INCONSIDERATE A/H where I work has used my laptop without authority. Unfortunately I rush off from work and left it on, on my desk. I don't know for certain if any questions were asked but I guess as my accound has been suspended and putting 2 + 2 together that's exactly what has happened. My email accounts have been violated as well. So my fault for leaving it signed in I guess. So if my account is, or is not re instated then all I can do is say sorry once again. I am not the kind of person who would ask anything inappropriate. Regards Rushie54

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    Your good name was not destroyed ! It is now more than obvious that those comments were not from you Rest Assured.

    Yes I commented 10 hour ago and it had been going on for 15 to 20 mins

    They were all very very sexual ,some sickening ,the screen was full of sexual questions from Rushie54 no one was answering any of them , I felt that everyone was as shocked as me I think the time was somewhere between 12noon and one I will look into my Questions to see if there is a time because I commented on them.

    I believe all questions were deleted rather rapidly ,I looked up Rushies history as these questions 1 by 1 were being rapidly posted and thought ,well if is the same man he must have had some Sexual Mental Breakdown!!

    As a community, we forgive you as long as you learn from your mistakes. Everyone deserves a second chance.

    Thanks I really appreciate your and everyone else's response.

    I'm a very religious man so you can be assured that if these questions were indecent they most definately did not come from my mind. There were alot of young men in the office then. I guess it's funny to stitch someone up. Yes Ha Ha very funny. You just can't believe that whilst comforting my grandson my good name was being destroyed.

    Thanks I apprieciate you trying. I'm going to murder someone for this. I don't mean litterally. It makes me mad when people think it's funny to mess around with other peoples stuff. Heads will roll...

    Any idea what they were about and at what time then I can perhaps pin it down to a few people

    I tried that ole hipster but it would not let me log in. So I will just have to start again. My grandchild swallowed a pin but out now and thank's Rushie54 now 55

    ole hipster

    Glad to hear nothing serious with your grandchild! It always freaks parents and grandparents out when their offspring are hurt or hurting for that matter!

    Thankyou my only two mistakes were not to turn my computer off when I heard my grandchild was rushed into hospital. and to trust the people I work with.

    ole hipster

    I sincerely hope your grandchild is all right. But, in regards to your apology, it was quite nice and very heartfelt but I believe you can just click on your name and see the history of your questions and answers easily.

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