Why not stop foreign aid to countries that hate us and pay down our own debt

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    Right on Nam vet. Thumbs up on that question and also I thank you for serving and coming back alive.
    I think all of us should stop all money donations or goods to any foreign countrie whether they like us or not. I am in Australia. We give China thirty million a year. Why? How about Indonesia we give too much money there too. We should stop it all!
    It is usually dictatorship countries where we have problems. Such leaders do not want their people educated or modernized because they would not tolerate a dictator for very long. Everything the people in those countries hear is from their leadership and they drum on their people that we are their enemy and offer poison to children, disease and useless products. Education is by word of moth to each other. We have people in the US who teach hatred from how they were taught. Are we so different? Stopping foreign aid ...'we are not trustworthy’ and "don’t care about them."
    its governmental money laundering American people are getting taken to the cleaners by politicians
    I'm with you Nam Vet. Too bad the NWO isn't. BTW, thanks for serving and welcome home!

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