I took a boat trip up the river near to where I live. On a bend where the river was widest and deepest I saw a sign saying ''Do not throw stones at this sign'' What daft signs etc have you ever seen,

    A couple of thoughts came to me. first. Where the heck would you get the stones from. And second if the sign wasn't there in the first place no one would want to throw anything anyway. I'm sure it was a joke BUT !!!

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    alt text

    I'm Lovin' it!???

    Ms Sinclair

    WTH? Hahaha.

    not even trying to be funny, but while were kids we got pulled over for a sign that said "do not enter on school days' my friend replied to the cop "what are you nuts i've been out of school for 22 years!!!


    Yes I got that. dry hunour quite funny


    t guess i left out the part that we were driving on that street during school


    hehehehehe i know, but then i always laugh when i'm confused :S

    alt text

    Not so funny, but kinda odd.

    whatashame whatasham

    It says you can enter, you just have to read the sign first, which ,on the sign says No Trespassing. I have a friend who would love to have this sign. Maybe it's on the yellow brick road.

    I like the Braille markers on drive up windows.



    Hahahaha, OK, that's a good one. Scary if there are actually blind drivers out there. 0.o

    I think it's mean when there are signs all over that say "Slow Children Playing". Hey...a child's IQ has nothing to do with their recreational activities. :)

    " Loose stones travel slowly" "Stop on the red signal' "Wanted - Head Fitter"

    I just saw a two headed stop sign. Never saw that before and it's not on an intersection where trees, bushes or anything I could see was blocking your veiw.

    True story saw a sign on the roadside in Ireland,SLOW DOWN a hundred yards further on was one saying SLOWER. Why do we say a sign "says" they cant talk, or maybe that is the noises in my head (SHUT UP I AM TRYING TO TYPE )they didn`t stop. Oh! their not stop signs.

    I seen a sign in ND at a cafe. "Sorry out of business,please come back"

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