is the earth going to end in 2012?

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    God only knows the answer to that.
    possible.. but i wouldn't count on it. but i would count on it ending one day wheather you live to see it or not. best to get right with god(christ)now while you can............
    We get this question over and over here and the only thing I can say is it could end for you anytime so be ready, ask Jesus to forgive you for your sins and live in your heart.
    Only for you... The rest of us will continue..

    Vinny is correct.
    What Nonsense!
    If we are really, really lucky when we wake up on December 22, 2012 the world will still look the same - but all the bad things in life will be gone and everyone will be a whole lot nicer.

    Well I can hope so - right?
    Stupid question, the world ended 21 may 2011. Perhaps you did not notice.
    Bloody hell not another "World ending Day" Well if they keep coming up with them they will eventualy get it right.
    yup!! the bible tells me so.
    No. This is false informatin. In this time, age we go to the next period of era. One period is 2000 years. The age changigng is not easy time for the Humanity. If the change is faster, than more dangerous. Now is limited this "process".

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