I can not turn on "Automatic Updates" on my computor. Using Windows Xp, AVG protection HELP?

    This is what happens.
    Turn on computor.
    Message bottom RHand corner "Your computor may be at risk, automatic updates turned off, click here to fix".
    Click as indicated.
    Message centre screen advises "Firewall ON, Virus Protection ON Automatic Updates OFF'
    Message also has "turn Automatic Updates on"
    Clic to switch ON.
    Message "Sorry security centre could not change settings you can try to turn updates on by going to Auto Updates and click ON'
    I do all this and still does not switch on. Brilliant minds welcome, reward offered "The undying thanks of a old bloke."

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    2 Answers

    Wow, I just unburied this question PL. I deleted a bunch of questions that were for businesses or job sites and eventually came to this 7 day old question of yours. Did you ever get the problem sorted?
    No not yet, I got one reply suggesting I leave the updates off as it slows down the computor. Pain in the bumb though having to cancel the "advice" every time I switch on. xx

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