So, who are attacking other members on here, and why???

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    I don't keep up with all the names on this forum but it does seem like there is some flame wars starting to show up between some members and I really don't think thats what this was all about we all have some things to say that may not be to everyones liking but as people with I presume some amount of self control lets chill and let every one have a say


    Hi. Here's how. see over there on the left next to the thumbs down tick. See where it says report. well just click on that and see what happens. That's if you find some one's comments offencive. Bullies beware, that's all I can say. The admin will look into them and oops they are gone!!


    awh so that's how it's done !!!! no wonder, no wonder, thanks rushie that helped alot. :]

    when bullies attack it is almost impossible not to get involved. i wish we had a true bully expert on this forum. i work with little kids and i see bully behavior. i never know what to do. DO YOU? (for anyone)


    My experience with bullies on other blogs consist of when attacked, give them all the targets they can jump on and give them nothing in return...just silence. The result is that the bully will feel relieved after shxxting all over the net and then, expecting war when they come back, but getting nothing...not even a mention, they feel embarrassed and play nice for a while, then of course trolls meet, fall into war with each other and exit. Most trolls are not gifted enough to not get emotionally wrenched in a verbal fight. We all get to watch the war, but we should not get involved.

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